Martin Speaks on the 100th anniversary of WWI

Martin spoke today during a debate on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1. He paid tribute to senior MEPs leaving the European Parliament, and pointed out that the lesson of WWI is that often what unites people is greater than what divides them,

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Callanan & Conservatives safeguard British jobs by defeating Lib-Lab lunacy

Conservatives today saw off a threat to thousands of British jobs at Airbus, posed by the irresponsible actions of Labour, Liberal Democrat and UKIP MEPs.

Martin CALLANANBritish Conservatives rallied sufficient support at the European Parliament in Brussels to overturn an earlier decision by the Environment Committee under which the EU would have attempted to force non-European airlines to pay a carbon levy every time they flew in or out of the EU. That would have provoked retaliation that could have severely damaged the UK’s aerospace sector .

That decision was pushed through by eco-zealot Green MEPs with the support of British Labour and Lib-Dem MEPs – and only succeeded because UKIP’s deputy leader Paul Nuttall failed to attend the meeting.

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Callanan calls on the European Parliament to suspend relations with Russian Duma

Martin CALLANANToday, as European Conservatives and Reformists Group President, Martin wrote to European Parliament President Martin Schulz calling on him to suspend the parliament’s relations with those members of the Russian Duma responsible for supporting the ongoing incursion into Ukraine, and to consider cutting off all contact with the Duma until Russian forces are withdrawn to their permanent stations.

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In the North East: Martin joins with fellow Conservatives on West Road visit

WestRoad PictureToday Martin joined with North West Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim and MP for Hexham Guy Opperman to attend a range of events in Newcastle.

The local representatives kicked off the day with a live on air discussion on Newcastle’s Spice FM Show Business. The group then visited local businesses on the West Road, as well as visiting the area’s Hindu Temple and Medina Mosque.

After which they joined with Newcastle College students at the Beacon Centre for an engaging discussion on topics ranging from Scottish independence to dyslexia in education.

Speaking about the day Martin said:

“It was a really great day of events today. I highly value the views of my constituents, and so getting to engage with so many today in various forums was a real pleasure.

 It was wonderful to be joined by Guy and Sajjad for the day, and I know they thoroughly enjoyed the day too.”


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Callanan: Europe’s Defence Future Lies in a Revitalised NATO

As Europe’s leaders prepare to debate European defence cooperation in Brussels next week, MEPs have been debating the subject in Strasbourg. Conservative MEP for the North East, Martin Callanan, disagreed with the many calls for a standalone EU defence apparatus, arguing that Europe’s defence is best guaranteed by a revitalised NATO that ‘keeps the US in’.

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In the North East: Desert Island Discs at Bishop Auckland Hospital Radio

 Bishop Auckland Hospital Radio PictureMartin was delighted to be asked to be the guest on Bishop Auckland Hospital Radio for their Tracks of My Years programme.

Auckland Hospital Radio has been broadcasting to Bishop Auckland General Hospital for over 30 years, providing a unique service for those using the hospital. The station now broadcasts two 24 hour channels, along with a live video feed.

For his tracks Martin chose a range of music from classics through to the modern day.

After the broadcast Martin said “It was such a pleasure to join the team at Auckland Hospital Radio today. They provide an invaluable service to those using the Hospital, and their dedication should be applauded.

I really enjoyed choosing and talking through my tracks, and I just hope no one disapproved of my choices too much!”

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Europe needs a new direction, not just a new face

Responding to European Commission President Barroso’s State of the Union speech in Strasbourg, European Conservatives and Reformists Group leader Martin Callanan said that the European Commission needs a new direction, not just a new President

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