Dont Buy InstaEasy Before You Read This!

InstaEasy Review: Scam? No, but there’s a Cheaper Alternative

Welcome to my InstaEasy review. I saw this was being released so I thought I would take a look to find out whether it is a scam or legit…

InstaEasy Review

  • Product: InstaEasy
  • Owners: Luke Maguire & Simon Harries
  • Cost: $37 a month
  • Recommended? MaybeInstaEasy Review

What is InstaEasy?

InstaEasy is an app for automating your instagram accounts, one of the world’s most popular networks. You can set it to follow people like their upgrades, as well as automatically by hashtag.

He got 400 followers over in 5 times, as you can see in the demonstration video.

How much does InstaEasy price?

Often with these types of product launches, they try to upsell you on a great deal of further offers to really push on the total price up . You start by purchasing the main product for a low price, then they offer you a set of”one time offers” for a load more money, and by the end you will pay loads if you buy it all.

With InstaEasy, he is not doing that. Well, at least he’s not. During the week he is currently giving everything for the front end price to you. But you still have as you can see below, different price options to choose from:

InstaEasy Price

So it’s really a case of if you want to pay monthly, quarterly, or annual.

Who are the owners of InstaEasy?

I love to investigate who’s behind it, I see a new product has been published. This helps me gives a sense of whether the product is likely to be any good to me and put things into some kind of context.

InstaEasy Owners

  • Socialite Pro
  • Social Autobots
  • Viral Autobots
  • Instamate
  • Live Leap

Looking at what people say on the net, he seems to be a guy who cares about the consumers and his products. He seems to genuinely updates his software and like to help his clients. However, I did find a couple of comments on one site saying that he doesn’t give refunds, but I really don’t know how genuine those comments are.

Simon has preceding products :

  • ProfitSourcery
  • Bloxy
  • Pindrill
  • Video Instafolio
  • OctoSuite

I could not find anything said about Simon. That doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t anything bad written about him that I was not able to find it.

Is InstaEasy a scam?

No, it does not look like a scam to me. It seems like genuinely useful app for liking on Instagram and mechanically following, thus boosting your follower count. As he says in the movie, it would become boring after a while, and would take plenty of your time to do this all day.

Should you buy InstaEasy?

While InstaEasy looks very useful and a superb time saver, I’m wondering whether it is really worth the $37 per month. It does Instagram, one social network. There are tools out there which do the same thing but.

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I hope you found this InstaEasy review helpful. If you have queries or any comments, why don’t you post them in the comments section below. I will reply as soon as I can.