Improve your email content today!

Do you know ways that can update your emails? It’s time to read, pick one and get started! By setting one small, achievable aim, it becomes a lot easier to improve the emails over time.

Just remember to keep your subscribers in mind, and the email success will follow.

Offer exclusive content.

Launching a new product/course soon? Or maybe you’re in the middle of planning a huge end-of-year sale? You may want to think about giving your email community exclusive, early-access. Consider other items you might be able to give away solely to subscribers.

Why? Because when you make your subscribers feel like they are part of an exclusive group, it keeps them more incentive to stay on your list.

Here is a great example from Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead, who sends an email newsletter that occasionally elements exclusive promotions in addition to the regular blog roundup.

In this snippet of the email, you could see how Jill highlights the exclusivity of the olive oil offer.

Make it interactive.

If you want to support your email content, sometimes all you need to do is spice things up a little bit. And if you are interested in doing just that, you may need to consider making your emails a little more interactive.

While this does not necessarily make an email more relevant to your subscribers, it can make them more fun & interesting. When you give your subscribers a fun way to get involved with your email, it can improve engagement with your emails, delight your subscribers & simply help your brand look really cool.

While interactive emails do require more effort & HTML knowledge, I encourage you to find an interactive element that could be achievable for you. Here are some ideas we have tried in the past, along with advice on how to get started.

Proof your work.

This might have been the mantra of your schoolteachers back in the day, but there’s a reason why they obsessed over details like grammar & spelling. And it all comes down to how these errors could be perceived by your readers: for many, it could make the writer appear sloppy & unreliable.

Before you send out an email, send yourself a test so you could review the content & check for spelling and grammar errors. You could test the links to make sure they work properly as well.

Keep your content focused.

In today’s busy world, it is more important than ever to keep your emails brief & to-the-point.

Think about the kinds of situations & environments in which your subscribers are reading your emails. Chances are, they are checking their emails when they are walking down the street, waiting on the subway platform, waiting in line at the grocery store, …

The average attention span of a person is only 3 seconds – which is less than that of a goldfish! Toensure your email content is focused.

Write a compelling call-to-action.

Every time you send an email, there is a reason why you do so. Whether it is because you want them to read your latest blog post, purchase a product/simply download an exclusive freebie, it is important to make it clear what action you want them to take.

While there is not an exact science to how you structure your emails, keep in mind your subscribers’ short attention spans & provide them with a way to take action early on in your email –make it stand out.

To do so, there’re a number of factors to consider, including the size & color of your CTA button, content & length.

Whether you prefer hyperlinking your text/using a call-to-action button with a color that pops, your aim should be focused on making it easy for subscribers to take action.

Be consistent.

As you discover the kind of content that resonates best with your subscribers, it is important that you keep your emails consistent. While it is a good thing to try out new ways to make your content even more awesome for the subscribers, I encourage you to do so.

When you set certain expectations for the content of the emailsyou send to your subscribers, it’s necessary that you meet them. This helps establish trust between you and your audiences, which can reduce unsubscribes & spam complaints.


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